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What should I look for in a wedding photographer?

How you conduct your search for a wedding photographer can make a big difference in ensuring that you're more than pleased with your photographic experience on your wedding day, as well as with the moments and memories captured in pictures. The ultimate factor in finding your ideal wedding photographer is in the portfolio of your candidates. Through their images you must determine if that particular photographer can produce the type of images that will capture the emotions and other rich memories of the day in a way that will resonate deeply with you for years to come. You'll need to get a sense of the photographer's shooting style as well as their personality and the overall value of the services and products they offer.

What is wedding photojournalism?

Wedding photojournalism takes a different approach than traditional wedding photography. The wedding photojournalist records and documents a wedding instead of staging one. The idea is to allow the scene to unfold naturally and capture all of the surprises and spontaneity that will occur on a wonderful day. The skill of observation is key as well as an intense power to concentrate on the events before you. These skills can be honed with practice. The one skill that seems to elude many budding wedding photojournalists is the skill to predict the perfect time of capture. Rest assured that after a few dozen weddings a good wedding photojournalist will find him/herself at the right places at just the right times

What is your style of wedding photography?

Colorado Visions combines a blend of wedding photojournalism and a little of traditional wedding portraiture. Most photography will be a photojournalistic style capturing the scenes and moments of the day. An hour, or so, will be for the more traditional bridal, bridal party, family and friends group portraits.

Do I own the photography?

Yes, you will own the copyright of all the digital negatives.

What format will the pictures be in?

The images can be in RAW of hi-res JPEG format.

How many hours of photography do I get on my wedding day?

Unlimited time from several hours before the ceremony to when the reception winds down.

Do you charge extra for travel?

There is no extra charge for travel within Colorado.

How long does it take to see my wedding pictures?

The selected/edited pictures from your wedding will be on the personal gallery in 5 business days. You will receive the DVDs with all the digital negatives in 2 weeks.